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‘Live With Robin’ - Exclusive Live Streaming Masterclasses
The ‘Live With Robin’ sessions are where I share some of my most valuable and up-close training. Each session is a Deep-Dive Masterclass designed to help you in specific areas of your gypsy jazz journey. I’ll answer your questions live on these sessions.

NOTE: I’ll be hosting a special ‘Live With Robin’ on Thursday 15th November to welcome you to The Club. In this session I’ll be teaching my ‘How To Practice For Quick & Lasting Progress’ masterclass.
'The Campfire' -  A Supportive Private Community Where I'll Help You Personally
The Campfire is the heart & soul of the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club. This is where I will help you by answering your questions personally

Join us in this supportive community of guitarists who are all working to improve their Gypsy Jazz skills - sharing experiences, questions, and advice.
'The Songs Vault' - Your Secret Weapon To Master The Essential Gypsy Jazz Repertoire

We’ll learn the core Gypsy Jazz repertoire together. I’ll guide you through each of the tunes in a series of focused, bite-size step-by-step lessons.

You’ll gain a deep understanding and confidence for the most popular gypsy jazz tunes and you’ll be ready for the jam. A wonderful resource for not only the chords and melodies but for soloing and rhythm plus all the hip licks and arrangements.

Rhythm & Soloing Quick Start Courses - These Will Get You Immediate Results
Start today and in 7-days develop all the Rhythm & Soloing skills you need to join the jam. You can jump on these customized quick tracks which I’ve designed specially to help beginners learn the skills needed for Rhythm & Soloing in Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

Ideal if you’re just starting out or if you need a top up to re-learn the basics and get some fresh inspiration and guidance.
Experts Lessons - Learn From The Hottest Players On The Scene
To help you even more with your learning experience I regularly invite the best Gypsy Jazz Guitarists in the world to share their expertise with you from right inside ‘The Club’. You’ll be learning from guitarists like Yaakov Hoter, Joscho Stephan, Dario Napoli, Ian date and many more.

This is an exciting part of ‘The Club’ and delivers a broad learning experience to give you the best inspiration and expert guidance you need.
The Gypsy Jazz Treasure Chest
  • Gypsy Jazz Foundations
  • Burning Ballads
  • Talkin' Gear
  • and much more golden Gypsy Jazz treasures
Hank B. Marvin
"The kind of things Robin is doing now with his Live Tuition and the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club are all so valuable to us who are trying to learn this form of music. We need some help, and certainly Robin’s given plenty of help to many of us around the world. Thanks Robin, we really do appreciate it!"
Joe Medeiros, USA
"The Club’s Song Vault not only showed me how to play a song but how to play it well, with tips and tricks to raise the level of my rhythm and soloing. I also love the Club’s Campfire feature where I can be connected and interact with other players from around the world, sharing ideas and experiences. And Robin is always right there to comment in helpful ways."
Join This Supportive Community Of Cool Guitarists And Let's Make Progress Together
Steve Howgill, UK
"The Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club is so much more than a simple collection of lessons and tutorials. It truly is a club, a community. This is the place to learn Gypsy Jazz the fun and correct way. I have been a member of the Transfusion Club for a while now and it has transformed my guitar playing. I learn something new and see noticeable improvements with every visit. Thank You Robin!"
Andy Clark, UK
"I needed a system that would take me from where I was to where I want to be. In the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club, I found that system delivered by one of the best teachers, plus I have an ongoing source of inspiration and a whole group of like minded new friends. Happy days!"
Dawn Lunsford, USA
"I had been playing guitar for 35 years and then hit a wall with my playing. I needed a new way of learning and honing my skills and then I discovered Robin Nolan and his Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club. I joined and it was the breakthrough I needed! My playing improved exponentially in a very short time. No matter what level you play at, this experience will open up your mind and elevate your playing in ways you never expected. I can’t recommend the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club enough!"
Beth Mead, USA
"The New Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club is a great resource and inspiration to get you on your way to playing Gypsy Jazz. Whether you want to focus on rhythm or lead playing, the songs are all the right ones to learn for a jam or gig situation. Robin has covered everything in a way that is clear and concise, and can help anyone learn to play or improve on what they already know. Robin is entertaining and informative and his energy and love for this music is contagious!"
Robert Cerceo, USA
"Since joining ‘The Club’ the guitar is unfolding to me in a whole new direction. BR (Before Robin) Gypsy Jazz seemed more of a blur and my limited understanding was of pounding out arpeggios one after another. Frankly, it seemed daunting.  AR (after Robin)...I am recognizing more patterns of playing music both in finding notes and much more so in listening. Thank you Robin, I’m loving the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club!"
Volker Reichle, Germany
"The Transfusion Club is such a great opportunity to dive deep into the world of Gypsy Jazz. Quick start lessons, detailed song tutorials, expert lessons, live sessions with Robin, a community to discuss all kinds of topics. And every time I think I’ve seen everything, I find something new. My playing gets better and better and people want to sit down and play guitar with me. So come join the club!"
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